Use it as a punch card

Sunrise Rewards is a points-based program that treats your Sunrise Card as an electronic punch card. Every time you present your card when purchasing a *barista beverage, you earn 1 point per beverage. You must present this card when you order.

After earning 10 points you can redeem them for $3.50 of any *Barista Beverage! Or you can save up your points to purchase any of our retail items to include Hydroflasks, Vessel Thermos’, clothing items, or locally designed stickers!
*Insert a button that directs people to the page where they can view the available loyalty items*

*Barista Beverage is any item our Baristas make. Any coffee drink, blended drinks, red bull kickers, and milkshakes. If it’s in a Sunrise cup you get a point. Items that are prepackaged (ie water, sodas, and juices) are not point eligi-ble.


Your Sunrise Card acts as a prepaid card. Just load it up with any amount from $5 to $999, and your favorite Sunrise beverage and food is never more than a swipe away. If you load $100 or more at one time on a card you will receive a free drink during that transaction.

When you have rewards available and want to use them, just let your barista know when you pull up. It is im-portant to let them know during your initial order so they can ring it up, otherwise you have to use it during your next visit.