Who We Are:

Sunrise Bagel and Espresso opened for business on November 20, 2000. Our locally owned and operated stands started from our very first location on the corner of College and Old Steese. From there our stands grew and we are now happy to run 8 locations throughout Fairbanks, North Pole, and Eielson. We are proud to be a part of this community and to have such kind and loyal customers to serve!

Our Mission
Serve Community. Build Community. Caffeinate Community.

Our Core Values
Support our community.
Embrace change and innovate.
Be passionate in all that we do.
Support education and unlock potential.
Respect everyone.
Have fun and make friends.

 Sunrise Blend:

Our signature blend of coffee is roasted from high quality arabica beans from the northern regions of Costa Rica. We partner with Dillanos Coffee Roasters to roast these beans into a rich, full-bodied flavor leading to our premium blend of coffee beans. Through the process of the Costa Rican farmer harvesting the coffee cherries, to the roaster transforming the cherries into aromatic brown beans, to our baristas grinding the beans to create the perfect shot of espresso it is said that the barista is the 100th hand that a coffee bean will touch before being served to a customer.