Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: If I have 9 points and I buy three drinks can I use my reward.

 A:  Sorry, but you have to have a reward available when you pull up to the window. However, you will be able to use as many rewards as you have available when you pull up to the window. So if you have 30 points you could take $3.50 off three different Barista beverages during that single transaction.


Q: What if my drink is only $2.00?

A: The 10 point discount is up to $3.50 off of any barista beverage. So your $2.00 drink would be free. If you had two $2.00 barista beverages the second would only be .50 cents. The reward is only valid for the single transaction, but can be used on multiple drinks if you have multiple drinks on the same order.


Q: If I have 13 points and use a drink reward what happens to my other 3 points?

A: Points stay on your card until you use them. A reward drink will only subtract the 10 points and you will keep any remaining points for progression toward your next loyalty reward.


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